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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question # 1 - Are you a registered company?

    Answer - Online Outlet (Private) Limited is operating since 2017 and is a registered company with SECP. Our Unique Corporate Identification No is 0122004.

    Question # 2 - There are many Online Stores in Pakistan, why we shop from Online Outlet?

    Answer - We at Online Outlet put our customers and their shopping experience at the centre of our strategy. Our purpose is to make "Shopping Experience Easy" for our customers and provide them best quality products and services. We don't claim that we never make mistakes but in case we do we learn from them and make sure they never happen again and will always be on your side. Besides, make sure you always buy from a genuine and registered online company and be aware of any fraudsters who are just after your money.

    Question # 3 - Other online stores are running frequent Sales and offer products at cheaper prices?

    Answer - We are aware of this and have observed that some of our competitors have been very manipulative when it comes to pricing to create a false sense of Sale by first raising the prices and then offering discounts. We decided not to play that game as it would not be fair to our customers. Our prices might not cheapest but we endeavour to provide best in class products and service to our customers.

    Question # 4 - Do we get the same product as it appears (in Pictures) on the site?

    Answer - Absolutely. We are aware that some fraudsters in the market are befooling innocent people by showing one thing and sending something completely different. It all goes back to the same point that you should ensure that you always buy from a genuine and registered company which Online Outlet is. In addition, we have strict quality control processes in place to ensure that we check all orders before they get shipped to our customers. However, if you still are not satisfied with the product we are happy to offer a replacement or even a refund. If we ever find that our sellers are not following the quality guidelines, we take strict action as Customer Experience is at the heart of our business.

    Question # 5 - Some sites offer "Free Delivery", why don't you?

    Answer - Yes they do but please be aware they still pass the cost to you in terms of the product price. Please understand that there is always cost associated with Postage that we pay to 3rd party delivery companies who work with us. Companies who offer free delivery often add that into the product price. We believe in being transparent and open with your customers. We continuously review our policies and pricing and do offer "Free Delivery" as part of our special promotions and offers.

    Question # 6 - How long after placing my order should I expect to receive my shipment?

    Answer - After you have placed your order on our website, you will get a confirmation email. Our team will then call you to confirm the order details and let you know the delivery timelines. We will keep you informed on the delivery status. Should anything change due to circumstances out of our control, our team will contact you and let you know.

    Question # 7 - How do I cancel or change my order?

    Answer - If you do not wish to continue with the purchase, please let our team know when they call you for order confirmation. If you change your mind after you have confirmed the order please let us know via one of the following methods;

    Send an Email at and quote the Order number that you wish to cancel or call us at +92 3014040010. You can also chat with us through our website.

    Question # 8 - How can I check the status of my order?

    Answer - Normally, our team will contact you to let you know about your delivery/shipment etc however if you wish to get information about your order status at any time after placing the order, please contact us using following methods;

    Send an Email at and quote the Order number that you wish to get details about or call us at +92 3014040010. You can also chat with us through our website.