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    How to Find that Special Gift Online

    Because the world is digital, if you can’t locate a special item in the brick and mortar stores, you probably will find the product or service by doing online shopping. When people search online, they can find all kinds of things. Some are so specialized that you will be lucky to find them anywhere but online. Here is a list of places to shop for those unique gifts.

    1. Craigslist -- This classified advertising website lists items people post. You will find stuff that people are trying to unload, job listings, special services not listed elsewhere, products from overseas, and more. The listings are usually from individuals, and you aren’t likely to find large quantities of the products or services offered.

    2. eBay -- This auction site and others like it, such as, allows individuals to load anything they want to sell as long as the rules of the sites are followed. Some of these items are sold to the highest bidder while others are not sold at all. To buy on eBay, you have bid on items and might not get what you seek, but often, more than one person is selling exactly the same thing, so you’ll win eventually.

    3. Amazon -- Although Amazon has an auction site, it’s more well-known for its store. You can buy almost anything from Amazon. You can purchased used items and new. Amazon lists its top sellers, and you can buy in bulk if you need to do that. Amazon will ship from its warehouses.

    4. Danna Bananas -- If you want to put your stamp on snow or sand, you can purchase specialty sandals from Danna Bananas. If you want to make people laugh with cool ideas, go here. This website includes novelty items that make people smile or act goofy. You can buy novelty, naughty, fun, retro toys, tech toys and more from Danna Bananas.

    5. -- OnlineOutlet brings a different experience for online shopping lovers in Pakistan. This guys came in a race of selling products online with an aim of providing quality products in affordable price. They have a large varity of gifts in stock. You can easily search, add to cart and ship this to your loved one. accepts payment through Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer, Easypaisa and Jazz Cash. 

    6. Uncommon Goods -- This is the site to go if you want the perfect gift for graduation, Mother’s Day or birthday. You also can purchase gifts for your employees or clients in the site’s corporate gift section. Anniversary, wedding and personalized gifts also are featured on this site. These are not your typical shot glasses as a groomsmen thank you gift, either. Peruse the site to find out what you would like to buy.

    7. The Grommet -- Do you need laces that don’t tie? How about a necklace that is pretty for the mom to wear but can be a teething ring for the baby? This is the site to find these unique items. You can locate unique kitchen or barbeque tools or things for your patio that Home Depot doesn’t sell.

    8. Incredible Things -- This site specializes in the weird. For example, you can find a cuddly toucan or purses that are designed to look like books. It showcases items for the kitchen or services, such as laser hair removal.

    If you can’t find what you want from any of these locations, you probably will not be able to find the item anywhere. Of course, you could go directly to the manufacturer’s website if you know what it is you seek. 

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