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    Online Shopping for Women And Clothing Fashion in Pakistan

    In this quickly ever-changing age and time, going ‘digital’ is that the new trend. Each brick and mortar search is currently attempting to form its online presence to remain prior the competition. Customers nowadays like shopping for merchandise at the clicking of the mouse rather than wasting energy and time shopping from offline stores. within the light-weight of this situation, cooling – a number one client curated fashion & modus vivendi products’ platform conducted a perceptive survey that has helped in decryption the looking behavior of girls in Pakistan. The sample size of the survey was three hundred,  online girls shoppers.

    In World has around a hundred million girls sensible phone users out of that four-hundredth search online. seventieth online transactions happen through a wise phone device.

    As per the survey, Asians girls prefer to move with stylists whereas shopping for fashion. Once interviewed, most of the ladies explicit that they feel assured once a stylist recommends a specific product to them. Selecting the correct garments or shoes online was the largest challenge earlier as there was no personalized feel to that, say women. However, these days most of the style portals have skilled stylists WHO facilitate them a select product that absolutely suits their temperament, thus creating their online looking expertise rather more stress-free and arranged.

    Women internet buyers

    Women internet buyers within the Pakistan of 18-24 area unit the foremost active and comprise of fifty-two considered compared to twenty percent between the age bracket of 25-34, On top of the age of thirty-four and a couple of but the age of eighteen years. On a mean, most of the ladies like looking on-line between nine – eleven pm that too on Mondays and Fridays. Also, eightieth girls like money on Delivery payment choice whereas solely 2 hundredths want online transactions, aforementioned the survey.

    On a mean, girls search within the following product categories:

    • 35% garments
    • 26% fashion jewelry
    • 19% fashion accessories
    • 8%  shoes
    • 12% home interior decoration


    Fashion could be a vogue fashionable common widespread standard style or apply, particularly in wear, footwear, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body. Fashion could be a distinctive and infrequently constant trend within the vogue during which someone dresses.

    Clothing Fashion

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